Doncaster Pride AGM Reports

The Doncaster pride AGM was held on Monday 7th November 2016
Doncaster Pride
Chairman’s annual report
AGM 7th November 2016
2016 – What a year!

 We began with the usual tough task of fundraising, but with a shared aim of making the 10th Pride the best ever. We had received encouraging feedback and a good crowd in 2015 and everything seemed set for a great 2016, little did we know what we would achieve as a group by 21st August.
2016 the year we;
·         Brought in a whole host of new corporate sponsors representing small and large businesses

·         Saw rainbow flags up across the town and a level of support never seen before

·         Had enquiries about sponsorship within 48hrs of the end of the event that have already come to fruition

·         Saw the biggest EVER Doncaster Pride – bigger even that 2009

 Doncaster Pride has reached new heights in 2016 and every one of the committee should be congratulated for stepping up to the growing demands of a now huge event in every way.
Doncaster Pride is bigger in terms of day visitors than many other towns and cities in the UK that have thriving gay scenes and communities crammed full of diverse young people in their universities – not a description that describes Doncaster – quite the opposite in fact and to know we are creating a bigger event than many who have great support from both is something of an achievement.

 Doncaster Pride has developed in the last few years from being a small community event into a business and a strong and credible voice in Doncaster.

 With this in mind we must do what we can to make sure we take forward to 2017 and beyond a more robust and a more business like model. One where we are in control, yet open to the ideas of the next generation of volunteers and committee members.

 To prepare for the future we have decided to introduce a membership scheme – a way to get more people involved, without the full commitment of being on the main committee. Members will support the team and take on specific roles within the delivery of the event but at the same time they will learn. They will learn the way we do things and the ethos of Doncaster Pride and how we’ve built this organisation into a strong and respected business with a great deal of integrity and professionalism.

 Our members will assist the existing committee and will lend their specific skills to the overall effort. We encourage you all here this evening to fill in a membership
form, tell us what you feel you can and want to do and how much commitment you can give. Don’t be fooled – this is hard work; this just doesn’t happen, so only become a member if you really feel you can make that commitment.

 All too often over ten years people have come forward to help and on realising the actual commitment they have run to the hills never to be seen again – this membership is a first rung on the ladder – a step before full committee but a chance to fully appreciate the amount of effort the committee give before making that full move up to committee status.

 You will as a member receive minutes of meetings and you will be invited to all full meetings – possibly one in 3 of the scheduled meetings – they will be Monday’s but dates and venues to be confirmed. Between these the committee will meet and it is very possible other small “teams” will be established and meet – a fundraising sub group for example.

 This will spread the load and also reduce the length of the regular committee meetings! One of the biggest challenges to this is delegation and I for one know I’m not great at that – but we all must learn to look at the event as a series of tasks and allocate owners to each…. More of all this as we establish the structure in the coming weeks.

 So the challenges for 2017

 ·         The Walk – I’d like to see it bigger and better – dare we even consider a full parade yet?

·         Sponsorship – the target is clear - £20k

·         Heritage Lottery project – possible

·         Further LGBT History Month activities possible
However, the main event is and always will be the focus – we will work to achieve another new high for 2017.
Final word – I feel whilst we (many of us) are the “creators” of Doncaster Pride I believe we are only custodians now of this amazing phenomena we have created… we have a duty to do the best we can whilst we are responsible for the events and the decisions and the relationships we form whilst working in partnership with business, the local authority and new partners. Our decisions will shape this for the next generation and the one beyond and we must all respect this great organisation and remember when we represent it we must do so with professionalism and integrity and above all a great deal of pride.
Finally a few thanks yous
Each of the committee members outgoing from 2016

All our sponsors, supporters and advertisers

All our volunteers and helpers throughout the year and on the day

DMBC – the staff that directly or indirectly supported the event.

Jen Dewsnap Doncaster Pride Chair
Finance Report
Doncaster Pride AGM
Monday 7 November 2016

 This year Doncaster Pride Cost £17,146.05, this sum includes payment to the accountant for auditing the accounts, the website costs, toilets, event insurance, first aid etc.  These are costs that have to be paid before we can even look at the stage or acts. These come to a staggering, £2651.75

We were fortunate in securing a grant from the Mayors fund this year, which helped us with promotional items and marketing.

The Project was in its final months during this year's event and the Big Lottery paid for one of the screens which were at either side of the stage.  This showed the work done by members of the Project Youth Group in filming scenarios of bullying and acceptance by family members.

As of today’s date we have a bank balance of £2602.91, which goes straight into 2017’s event and as you can see does not even cover the statutory items above, so lots of work required as always.

We have our work cut out, and need to start now to secure funding. This is not an easy job and requires time and effort from all individuals involved in Pride.

I urge you to think outside the box and help us to achieve an outstanding event next year.
Caf Fox.
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